Some things about me

I am lucky to have a career doing what I am most passionate about which is working with, bettering the lives of, learning from, and becoming best friends with dogs. My deep connection and understanding of canines has come from many years of studying and learning about the way that mans best friend learns and thrives as a species and how we as owners need to understand that in order to communicate with them using the same language.

When I am not training I love to be out around nature, whether it is on the trails hiking, out on the water fishing, or just observing birds and other animals live and interact. Before I was a trainer I went to culinary school and cooking will always be a hobby that I love and share my favorite recipes on my blogs. Some other hobbies are photography, and technology.

During my career I have met so many amazing people from all walks of life and the feeling that I get when I am able to teach dog owners how to have a more peaceful relationship with their dog is just priceless! I have learned so much about myself through dogs and the people that I have had the honor to work with.

When I was 19 years old I almost lost my life in a horrific car accident where I suffered severe head trauma and brain injury and today I belong to support groups helping younger children and people that are going through what I did and I use the knowledge that I have gained from that to hopefully make things a little brighter for others with my support.

Things on this planet have certainly become difficult but with the unconditional love that our dogs give us and them keeping us living in the moment can help everyone in some way. I have been through hell and back and if it was not for dogs being in my life I do not think I would have got through it. They are such an amazing animal!