One of my off leash board & trains

Charlie is a 2 year old Cockapoo that came in for a board & train about a year ago for severe separation anxiety and basic on leash training fundamentals. His owners where amazed on the progress that he had with his separation anxiety and how well he responded to his new training skills. About a day after Christmas this year Charlies owners contacted me letting me know that he snuck out the garage door as one of them where leaving and Charlie took off into the woods behind their house. They went into panic mode and where so afraid that something was going to happen him but thank God he was okay. After coming out of the woods he then took off and ran away down the block in and out of neighbors yards and it took the husband driving his truck to find him and when he did Charlie ran into his truck when he opened the door.

The owners called me in shock and so afraid that of what happened and that it could happen again so they enrolled him in my off leash board & train program. This is some clips of Charlies off leash training with me… Enjoy!

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